Andy Stewart – “Donald Where’s Your Troosers”

I’m in this fun Facebook group where we share cute animal stuff, and today I shared a post of a tortoise in a kilt. I don’t know why the human involved was making tortoise-kilts, but the tortoise looked very handsome in it.

Facebook friend who is also in the group said she knows I am a “Scotophile” so I must be familiar with this song!

I said no, I hadn’t been familiar, but now I am.

I did not also say, “IT’S ‘ALBAPHILE,'” but she’ll catch on eventually. 😉

Verdict: I am not sure which I like better, this song or the one variously called “The Scotsman,” “The Drunk Scotsman,” or “The Scotsman’s Kilt.” And if you don’t know what song I am talking about, why are you even here? Go look it up. Enjoy.

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