Administrivia: 27 August 2023

I did indeed add a widget for my social media accounts and you can see it in the sidebar. If you’re on a phone, the sidebar may become a bottom bar, so scroll down as far as you can go if you can’t see what I’m talking about.

I have also been going through a whole process of transferring things from my Facebook follows to this site. I am following far too many things on Facebook under my personal account and it’s clogged up my feed something fierce. At least this way I don’t lose anything. Like as not I will start following the social media particulars from my Albaphile page on Facebook at some point, but one step at a time.

This website’s not in its final form, either. I’m still trying to sort out what this theme can do; I may not even keep it long term. Depends on what I want to do and on whether the theme will let me, with or without paying for the premium version — and I’m not sure I want to do that. As ever, It Depends. My life’s worse than a retirement home’s supply closet at the moment.

I want to be clear that this is NOT going to be a website done from the perspective of a tourist who has actually been IN Scotland. Until I go. If I ever go.

It depends.


[take deep breath]

Rather, this is just going to be me geeking out about Scotland. I’ve learned a lot about it in the past four years. It’s been fun. I’d like to pass that fun on to all of you.

Stay tuned.

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