Social media

I mentioned in the previous post (see previous post) that I thought I might have coined the term albaphile. Well, maybe not. Or, maybe I did and it just so happened the wrong person heard me, so someone else snagged the word for their Instagram account.

I’m a little irritated, because she hasn’t done squat with the account. But I’m not going to be lame and go pester her for it.

So! Here is my Instagram account. If you do not put the word “blog” at the end of it, you will not find me. You’ll end up at that other lady’s account instead. And I dunno, you might like that better because she’s got real photos of Scotland, but she doesn’t have very many so it’ll get boring after a while.

I will have a little section on the site with social media stuff on it soon. Promise.

P.S. Here’s my Facebook. What the hell.

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