Administrivia: 08 September 2023

May as well just go ahead and admit this site’s getting a slow start but that’s okay, most of it’s been adding links to the links pages. With a few standout exceptions (you will pry my followage* of Gary Meikle’s Facebook page from my cold, dead fingers — dude’s a laugh and a half, and kinda cute too), I’m trying to move the Scottish stuff I’m following on Facebook over to this website and then will probably go into the Facebook page I have for this website and re-follow a lot of it there. Lot of nonsense, really, but there’s the outside chance that it’ll get me some followers that way. I’m more interested in American followers than Scottish ones in the main, but I’m not that picky. Scottish followers are just fine too.

Whatever arrangement I’ve got right now for pages and links here should not be considered permanent. This is beginning stages and like as not I’ll figure out a different arrangement at some point. I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do with this thing, really. I had a thought about educating Americans away from the stereotypes we’ve had about Scotland since I was a kid and before but really, I think everyone’s catching up now and getting savvy thanks to social media. So I guess I will just wing it and we’ll see where we end up.

But! On the off-chance there are still a lot of Americans out there ignorant of Scottish culture, we’ll go ahead and do the 101 approach too. You never know. It might help, entertain, or amuse somebody. That’s just fine with me.

*Followage? “That’s not a word!” Well I just invented it then. Cope and seethe.

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