Hello, world!

And in Scotland, you might well hear that second word spoken with two syllables. 😉

I’m just playing, y’all. It really is cute.

Anyway! Hi! I’ve dabbled about with the idea for this site for a few months and now, it looks like I am actually making it happen.

You probably guessed already, but I’m American. Some of you are now rolling your eyes. Oh, aye, you’re thinking, she’ll be one of those hopeless Outlander romantics. Nope. Never read a word of it. I’ll wait ’til you’ve picked yourselves up off the floor.

Actually, it’s this man’s fault.

Rory McCann as the Scott's Porage Oats Man

Right — so, because I must be late to everything, I first became aware of this man back at the tail end of 2018. Earlyish the following year, I started this fan site for him, which among other things involves me collecting articles about him and interviews with him. I actually paid a good deal of attention to what he had to say, so I began to be curious about the places he’d talk about: Glen Coe, Isle of Skye, Glasgow, and so on. So I wound up down that rabbit hole. Haven’t come back up since.

I even — I’m pretty sure — coined the word albaphile somewhere along the way. Alba of course being an old name for Scotland and, I hope, you can guess the rest.

Not too often I get to invent something.

So! Along the way my explorations have resulted in my social-media accounts becoming top-heavy with Scotland stuff, and my friends are tired of hearing me gab on about it. So I thought I would make up my very own place to put everything. Thus, this site.

If you’re American like me, I hope you enjoy going down this rabbit hole as much as I have. Onward!

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