Happy Holidays

First up, this from Scottish Banter:

Santa takes a ride with the Duke in Glasgow

Recent scene in Glasgow, Santa climbing up on the Duke of Wellington statue. The cone looks to be in Santa colors at the moment, as well.


I’ve had a weird two years and was never good with the executive functioning to start with, and then lately been extra-depressed and dealing with money issues as well so my attention’s been scattered all over the place and I haven’t been keeping up here. I’m sort of okay at the moment and checking in — just be aware I haven’t abandoned the project and intend to continue with it, though likely in fits and starts.

Some projects on the back burner which will likely get a stir every now and again:

1. Rearranging the links to be organized by town/region/island, haven’t decided exactly what yet. It may go something like towns on the mainland and then island categories. (Hebrides, Shetland… you know.) Then a few extra categories for more universal things like the Scottish government sites, national park service, etc. We’ll see.

2. Some kind of swag shop. I won’t be doing the usual Redbubble thing because Redbubble is a pain in the bahookie, but it’d be something fun.

3. Some kind of library or store section utilizing Amazon affiliate links. Given that this site’s run by an American my first choice would be Amazon USA, but if I run into weird obstacles with that, I’ll look into starting an affiliate account with Amazon UK. Bear in mind that if I do that, there will be sellers who won’t ship to the States. So that’s a last resort. Anyone stateside selling British stuff will have already gone through all the rigmarole with import duties and so on — the price will reflect that, but there will be less hassle on your end.


Of course, I’m announcing this to maybe five people who visit regularly, and I realize that. But thought I might as well say something, for the record.

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