Administrivia: 11 September 2023

You have probably noticed that one of the things I post here is Scottish music. Yep. Expect more. Sometimes it will be bagpipes and Highland music. More often it won’t be, because that’s only one facet of Scottish musical heritage. And I’m no expert yet. I’ve only started exploring and have barely scratched the surface.

I am still thinking about how to arrange links. I’m evolving around to the idea of arranging everything by location instead of by topical category. Like, have one big menu for Scotland, then submenus for different towns with a whole list of different things for each town, and then maybe a nationwide category if I can’t seem to fit it any other way. But we’ll see. I suppose I had better make up my mind before I add so much stuff it takes me five years to rearrange it.

(Not that… ah… I’ve ever done that before. Heh.)

For the record, I know it still looks bare-bones here insofar as website art and such. I have a logo in mind, I just have not gotten around to figuring out making it. Yeah, I could hire someone, if I weren’t broke. Anyway, I have artistic tendencies myself, such as they are. Whatever I come up with here will need to be usable on social media too. I’ll sort it out.

There will likely be affiliate links here at some point. I’ll add a notice about that on an About page or in an About section when I get it going. I’m thinking possibly a book list, possibly a product list (did you know you can find Irn Bru on Amazon???), possibly one or two other things. I don’t know yet. We’ll see.

And, I’ll be slightly less boring here in the blog. We need more variety here, like profiles of famous Scots and that kind of thing. I gotcha. Watch out for that.

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