AC/DC – “Dirty Deeds (Done Dirt Cheap)”

“But Dana,” you’re saying, “isn’t this an Aussie band?”

Not this lineup, thank you very much.

Malcolm and Angus Young were born in Glasgow. Bon Scott, on vocals here*, was from Angus.

The whole world makes fun of Americans touting our Scottish ancestry from like five generations ago but I would think birthplace might count for something. Not all the time: my birthplace is Spain and I’m definitely not Spanish. But I’m pretty sure all three of the aforementioned guys came from Scottish parents too.

*Yes yes, I know YOU know, but that doesn’t mean everyone who visits here would be aware. I’m all about the educational content.

Clann An Drumma – “Boudica’s Revenge”

“But Dana,” you’re saying, after perusing the other music videos I have shared here, “where are the pipes?”

Glad you asked.

The younger of the two pipers is internet-famous in his own right: Grant MacLeod, the Munro Bagpiper. Congratulations to Grant, incidentally, on the occasion of his recent wedding. Lang may yer lum reek!

The LaFontaines – “Release The Hounds”

[Song lyrics here at Genius]

First got turned on to this via the Rory McCann fandom because Mr. McCann turned up at a LaFontaines show and introduced this specific song for, I hope, obvious reasons. I like rock anyway, and rap-rock too, but this song is also musically interesting. Give it a listen. If you’re at all inclined you’ll hear what I mean.

Andy Stewart – “Donald Where’s Your Troosers”

I’m in this fun Facebook group where we share cute animal stuff, and today I shared a post of a tortoise in a kilt. I don’t know why the human involved was making tortoise-kilts, but the tortoise looked very handsome in it.

Facebook friend who is also in the group said she knows I am a “Scotophile” so I must be familiar with this song!

I said no, I hadn’t been familiar, but now I am.

I did not also say, “IT’S ‘ALBAPHILE,'” but she’ll catch on eventually. 😉

Verdict: I am not sure which I like better, this song or the one variously called “The Scotsman,” “The Drunk Scotsman,” or “The Scotsman’s Kilt.” And if you don’t know what song I am talking about, why are you even here? Go look it up. Enjoy.

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